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Residential and commercial pest control

Whether you’re a homeowner or you’re looking for pest control options for your business, we’ve got you covered. 


No one likes uninvited houseguests, especially when they come in the form of invasive bed bugs, property-damaging termites, or armies of invading ants. This is why our fully certified technicians utilize the most advanced child- and pet-safe equipment available to permanently evict any of the creepy-crawly roommates that have been giving you trouble— including bed bugs, termites, ants, fleas, wasps, spiders, and more.


Regardless of the industry, pests can cause major problems for your business. Protect your customers, employees, and public image by allowing Pest Masters to implement our effective pest control and prevention techniques to ensure your place of business is pest free and safe.

Green pest control solutions


The harmful chemicals in some pesticides aren’t much better than the pests they are employed to combat. That’s why we offer a full selection of eco-friendly, green pest control programs that are 100% safe and completely chemical free. Green pest removal is often preferred by customers who have children or pets, but is a great option in any situation. 

Wildlife removal: Dead or alive


Wildlife laws vary from region to region, so it’s best to leave wild animal removal and relocation to the certified pros at Pest Masters. Our experts will humanely remove any unwanted animals from your property and relocate them to a more suitable location in the wild, ensuring both you and the animals are safe. After removal, our team will inspect your property and instruct you on how to prevent any unwanted critters in the future. 

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